2017 Compensation Survey

ISAE has released the 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey for Association Executives. The survey, prepared by Whorton Marketing & Research, includes an Indiana-specific report, as well as national data. Results show respondent profiles, compensations overall, leave policies, insurance and retirement information, as well as CEO-specific information.

Pricing: ISAE Members $99   Non-Members $149

Note: A $50 discount will be applied for those who participated in the compensation & benefits survey. If you participated and are interested in purchasing, you would pay $49.

To purchase the compensation survey contact info@isae.org or call 317-328-4569.

This work is distributed through ISAE and copyrighted by Whorton Management. The purchasing organization is granted the right to use this work for internal purposes only. The purchasing organization may not resell or copy and distribute this product to others. The copyright notice must not be removed from the documents that are part of this product. Contact ISAE for information on rights to use the product with chapters, subsidiaries, sister organizations, etc.


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