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Indiana Political Primer for Your Members

Looking for an advocacy educational tool for your members? The Indiana Political Primer divides the content into five days of digestable sections about advocacy. Change the references to your own association’s name, copy in the details of your association’s government affairs program and profession and you have a great advocacy resource for your members. Download this eBook to create an advocacy resource for your association’s members.

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Food for Thought: New Ideas to Retain, Grow and Engage Your Membership

There is no silver bullet to retain, grow and engage your membership. It is hard work that requires you to constantly look for new strategies. This eBook is full of new ideas to help you freshen up your membership development approach and will cover:

The Main Course: Retention
It costs less to retain a member than it does to recruit so your retention efforts should be the main course of your membership spread. We will take a look at how to optimize your membership invoice and an important “what not to do” to ensure your membership numbers keep growing.

Dessert: Recruitment
Dessert is often our most favorite part of the meal and for our Board of Directors and membership committees, getting new members takes the cake. This section will talk about how to set realistic goals for your membership recruitment effort and how to model your membership offerings after some of the most successful for-profit marketing strategies.

Eat Your Veggies: Engagement
Just like vegetables, high member engagement is nutritious for your association. This section discusses how to make membership a team effort for success and how to engage millennial members.

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Young Professional Primer

The Young Professional Primer compiles some tips and tricks for those just starting out in their career in associations, including:

  • 10 Tips to Master Your Email
  • Four Concepts to Master Your Time
  • Tips for Building a Mentorship Network
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Developing Your Personal Brand
  • 15 Tips for Stress Management

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Your Association Can’t Survive on Dues Alone: How to Build Non-Dues Revenue

What is on your association’s wish list? Here are the top three wish list items heard most:

  1. We want more members.
  2. We need to free up staff time so we can focus on the important projects.
  3. We need more revenue so we can improve our membership marketing and build systems that will free up staff time.

As you can see, wish #3, “more revenue,” goes a long way to also addressing the first two wishes. How can your association build revenue? Most associations rely primarily on dues revenue, so raising membership dues is one option. However, raising dues significantly can also hurt your ability to get more members. Download this eBook to learn more opportunities to build non-dues revenue for your organization.

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Microvolunteering: More Opportunities for Member Engagement

As life becomes more complex, members have more options for spending their time and, consequently, more demands on their time. Juggling their work, family and social lives with association service isn’t as easy as it used to be. The traditional membership experience—volunteering for committee and board service—requires a commitment of time and energy that many are no longer able or willing to give. Download this eBook to learn more opportunities for member engagement.

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Event Planning Insights

With a welcome return to the “business of doing business” with the improving economy, indications are that the demand for face-to-face meetings and event planning will continue to grow in 2015–2017, over the significant gains of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

While this demand trend for corporate and association meetings and programs reflects good news for our economy, it can provide challenges to the planners of meetings and incentive/recognition programs. Download this eBook for insights on adding vitality to your agenda, the importance of venue accessibility and cost-saving tips for F&B functions.

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The Crowdfunding Bible: Part One

Want to start your own business or have a great idea for tomorrow’s next million-dollar invention? Congratulations – crowdfunding gives you the power to bring entire businesses and better widgets to life overnight. But what is crowdfunding exactly, how does it compare to crowdsourcing, and (more importantly) how can you use it to provide venture capital for any project for your organization? In this eBook you’ll find some handy hints, tips and how-to guides, as well as commentary from leading experts and crowdfunding veterans, to harnessing the ultimate in people power.

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The Crowdfunding Bible: Part Two

You’ve learned about what crowdfunding is and how you can use it in your organization in The Crowdfunding Bible: Part One. Now you’re ready to learn how to get your crowdfunding project off the ground in Part Two. Download Part Two to learn how to create an effective pitch and launch your crowdfunding project.

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Crisis Communications Plan Template for Associations

What would happen if:

  • A cyber-attack hit your association’s database, compromising sensitive member information?
  • A natural disaster hit an area where you have a large number of members?
  • An accident occurred and a number of members were severely injured?
  • Your association’s reputation was being attacked online?

No one likes doom-and-gloom scenarios, but the reality is that at some point every member-based organization will face some form of crisis.

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Mobile Event App Best Practices Brief

Supporting your annual conference and events with a mobile event app will not only help attendees during events, but can aid in preparing beforehand and help create lasting connections afterwards. Learn more on how to create and employ an effective engagement app for your organization’s events.

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The Ultimate Guide to Event Planning, Marketing and Sales

Planning meetings, conferences and special events can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs today. As industry veterans know though, it can also be among the most challenging and hectic. In this guide, you’ll learn how to successfully plot and execute must-see events of every size, from executive retreats and leadership summits to tradeshows and strategic planning sessions – including how to make professional keynote speakers, breakout presenters and workshop administrators an essential and engaging part of these programs.

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The Association’s Guide to Process-Driven Membership Sales

As a professional association, you know that the lifeblood of your organization is MEMBERS. Without members, you don’t exist. With this in mind, what is one of most important goals you have? Membership growth! Growing your association membership shows that you are providing value, reaching new people, and increasing revenue. These are all great things. So why is membership growth such a struggle for so many associations? Let’s dive in and see what some of the most common challenges are, how to overcome them, and how to truly develop a system for member recruitment.

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STAR Awards Winners: Association Management Case Studies

In association management, we often get our best ideas from others. The ISAE STAR Awards began in 1999 and offers associations the opportunity to showcase their work. This new free case study from ISAE focuses on several of the winning projects from 2013 with the hope that other associations will be able to benefit from these ideas.

Discover best practices and innovative new approaches from Indiana-based associations deemed best in class. You’ll find tips on:

  • Conference planning and marketing
  • Association publications and e-newsletters
  • Innovative membership programs and recruitment campaigns
  • Non-dues revenue programs
  • Association websites
  • And more!

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Social Storytelling: Planning Your Association’s Social Media Strategy

Contemplating giving your corporate social media plan a strategic upgrade? Although utilizing social media in your association may seem like a no-brainer today, the successes social can bring comes when you have a strategy in place. Learn everything you need to know in our content-packed eBook FREE to you from ISAE.

We’ll show you…

  • How to design online campaigns to connect and drive lasting impact
  • 5 reasons you should be tracking social conversations
  • Current social media stats
  • The 10 commandments of social media for your association and brand
  • 8 ways to tell your brand’s story online

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