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Please read the ISAE Policies Related to the Use of Membership Information below.

For instructions on using the member directory and updating your listing, please see: Using the Member Directory.

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ISAE Policies Related to the Use of Membership Information

The Board authorizes the following related to the use of the Society’s membership information:

  • Membership Information may only be used by members as it relates to their membership interest, whether commercial or non-commercial.  However, the Society does not authorize use of membership information for any product, service or event that competes with the Society’s own products, services or events.
  • Membership information gathered from members through the Society’s online directory may only be used within the parameters stated above.
  • The Executive Director is authorized to rent the Society’s mailing list to members for one-time use that have a product, service or interest to sell or promote to other members within the parameters stated above.  The format of such rental can be in electronic or hardcopy but must only provide mailing information that can be used by common carrier.  No e-mail addresses will be provided.
  • The price of mailing list rental shall be determined by the Executive Director on an annual basis.
  • Affinity partners may obtain and use Society membership information as stipulated within their contract with the Society.
  • Non-members are not authorized to obtain or use the Society’s membership information for any purpose.