Save Time While Getting Maximum Impact Out of Your Content

By Alyssa Gibson

Regularly feeding your association’s blog, newsletter, and social media channels with new content keeps members coming back to get the latest industry information straight from your association. But that’s easier said than done when you’re facing a limited budget or staff resources. That’s where repurposing comes in. If you take the time to create a strong piece of content, you can reuse it in multiple ways to keep it fresh, timely, and relevant – all while taking less time than developing an entirely new piece and better ensuring that content gets maximum impact.

A great place to start is by checking out Gary Vee’s Content Strategy, which details the steps his team takes to turn one of content into dozens of smaller pieces that are tailored to different platforms. This is such a valuable reference that I have it bookmarked on my browser!

Your first thought after flipping through the 86-page slide share may be, “Wow, this is a game-changer!” That initial reaction may be closely followed by, “How the am I supposed to find the time to create all these pieces?”

I think it’s best to approach this content strategy, and any others that you may find, as a starting point. It may not be feasible to reproduce this step-by-step in your own office. Rather, it’s a bank of ideas to draw from when creating your association’s unique content repurposing strategy.

The goal is to create a process that your team can follow each time a new piece of content is developed. What are three to five ways that each piece of content should be repurposed and distributed and across your platforms? This may look different for different types of content. For example, repurposing a recorded webinar might require different distribution than an e-book or in-depth article. The point is that it should be clear and it should be repeatable. A new team member joining your staff should be able to look at this list and understand how your association distributes content.

Here is an example of what this might look like for an interview-based article:

  1. Record the interview on video so that it can be shared as a video and the audio can be pulled for a podcast.
  2. Post the full video on YouTube.
  3. Post the article on your association’s blog, and include the links to both the video and podcast so members can consume content in their preferred way.
  4. Include the article in your association’s eNewsletter.
  5. Pull two to three short video clips featuring top quotes to share on social media.

After drafting your process, it’s time to test it out! Try using it with an existing piece of content. If you were over-ambitious and the process is too cumbersome or not realistic, edit it. Or if you realize that you are missing key steps, add to it. As you continue using it, you will discover new ways to update and improve it. Ideally, have another staff person test it out and give you their feedback.

Once you have finalized your process, share it with your team and begin using it for every new piece of content. Before you know it, you will be feeding your distribution channels with fresh, new content on a regular basis by maximizing each piece of content you create!

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