Six Takeaways from ISAE 2019

By: ISAE Digital Marketing Committee

At this year’s ISAE Annual Convention, held in South Bend, fun and learning were in abundance. Topics ranged from facing change, to best practices, to what young professionals want out of their association career and more. 

For those of you who missed the conference, we’ve captured a few key takeaways in this post.

  1. The opening Keynote, Michael Wigge, stated that 88% of people associate change with loss and not gain. As your association moves forward with new programs, structural changes or shifts in mission – remember to reinforce the positive angle and the “why” behind these decisions.
  2. It’s never too early to begin billing dues. Most associations begin 90 days out, but it’s okay to start earlier (maybe even 120 days or more) – just make sure that the ask for money isn’t the only correspondence being sent to members. Engage members year-round, and check-in to get feedback and discover their needs.
  3. Young executives can avoid burnout by setting boundaries for social media and emails and turning off notifications.
  4. Gen Z wants to be part of something bigger – tap into that when reaching out to them. Find out what they are passionate about, and make sure the organization has a higher mission. 
  5. In every board meeting, set aside time to talk about the industry’s future and not just the laundry list of items you must get through. This is best done at the beginning, so you have highly engaged conversation.
  6. Poor management is the number one reason preventing employees from finding meaning at work. Organizations can be very poor at helping volunteers/employees see the value in what they are doing and its impact on the world outside of the board room/office. Try incorporating these results, testimonials or examples of impact when communicating to them.
Although it seems like we’ve just left ISAE 2019, we are already looking forward to next year. Put it on your calendar now – July 19-21, 2020 at Belterra Casino & Resort – to expand your knowledge and networking through tips like these.
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