4 Ways Meeting Planners Can Best Utilize CVBs

Visit Hendricks County

4 Ways Meeting Planners Can Best Utilize CVBs

By Visit Hendricks County

When we seek information in the modern age, we typically head straight for Google. And who can blame us for that? If we’re adept keyword searchers, we would get exactly what we seek within seconds.

The primary downfall of this seeking method is information overload. As a meeting planner, it’s likely you juggle a lot of information: event schedules, activities, catering, and piles of bid proposals with countless hotels and event spaces. For those looking for assistance sifting through the information overload, you can turn to the Convention and Visitors Bureau in the destination you’re considering. CVBs can assist your search for that perfect meeting venue.

Visit Hendricks County

We're Your Easy Button

Once you have your meeting dates, the CVB in your prospective cities should be your first call. When it comes down to it, our specialty is destination information. The primary reason for our existence is to promote our destination in the hopes we can bring visitors, meetings, events, and eventually, residents and businesses.

For this to happen, we need to be subject-matter experts. Not only do we have an intimate knowledge of our best restaurants and attractions, but our event venues and hotels, too.

Our relationships with local stakeholders will produce more favorable rates and enable a much quicker flow of information. Whether that be venues, attractions or hotels, we’re here to streamline your planning logistics and the offerings to your guests and vendors. Whether that be facilitating transportation services to and from your venue or providing customized visitor gift bags, we’ve got you covered.

We're the Real Intelligence

With the intimate knowledge of our destination, we can give you information that won’t be readily available via search. CVB sales and marketing staff spend countless hours each year working with and getting to know our hotel and venue partners across our destinations.

With key knowledge of each venue regarding pricing, availability, audio-visual providers, catering companies and so much more, we can send you in the right direction within minutes of knowing your needs. We can also present various options side by side, enabling you to compare hotels and event spaces with ease. Above all else, our sales staff is here to help you make an informed decision.

We Know Our Destination

Accompanying our strong bond with venues and hotels, we also have a deep knowledge and relationship with our community. We can assist you in charitable endeavors. We can be your highway to local charities and non-for-profits, chambers, and local governments. 

These valuable connections can assist you in making stronger ties to the communities where you hold your events and make a positive impact for those in need. At Visit Hendricks County, we have worked closely with associations to coordinate give-back programs by connecting them with local food pantries and other charities.

We're Your Personal Marketing Firm

CVBs have a track record for driving attendance at local events. Most CVBs possess a website and several active social media pages that interest locals in surrounding counties. If your event is open to the public and you’re seeking assistance, look no further than the local CVB. Our marketing expertise for events is well established.

At visit Hendricks County, these events are built into our marketing campaigns. First, we create content on our website and blog speaking to potential attendees on why they should come. Next, we work with event organizers to gain a better understanding of how we can work together to reach potential attendees. Finally, we promote the content via various channels such as Google, Social Media platforms, billboards, digital displays, streaming, and more. This strategy has allowed us to create valuable buzz within the community and bring in attendees from across the region.

Regardless of your meeting planning needs, collaborating with a CVB is a win-win situation. We can be your guide from start to finish, ensuring you receive the best information and that your guests have the best experience. By leveraging our local knowledge and relationships, we can guarantee you a stress-free process and the best deal possible. And most of all, we can ensure you have a lasting impact on our local economies and communities.

If you’re looking to bring your next meeting or event to central Indiana, please consider Hendricks County. We possess an ideal geography, with proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport and I-465 and have several great locations capable of hosting any event, including in the Embassy Suites and Conference Center, CRG Event Center, and the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and conference Complex. Learn more at VisitHendricksCounty.com.

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