ISAE Membership Committee

Co-Chair: Ashley Burleson, First Resource, Inc.


The Membership Committee plays an important role in ISAE’s ongoing efforts to recruit and retain ISAE members. This committee serves as the backbone for member growth and engagement. Additionally, the committee assists with greeting attendees at ISAE educational and social events, and helps identify opportunities to improve member engagement and the overall membership experience.


Committee chairs and co-chairs are appointed by the ISAE president. All Committee members shall be members in good standing of the Association. The make-up of the committee should be a diverse representation of the ISAE membership. Committee members will work closely with ISAE’s director of marketing and ISAE’s administrative assistant. 

The term of appointment is August 2018 – July 2019. All Committee members should expect to contribute an average of two to three hours per month, with variation depending on assignments taken on and events attended.

Committee members must act in the best interest of the Association in executing their duties, keeping in mind the needs of ISAE members and potential members rather than political or personal motivations.


Committee members will benefit from staying abreast of current issues and events of the non-profit association industry, building their professional networks with ISAE members and contributing to the betterment and growth of the profession and the Association.

Committee Responsibilities and Ongoing Tasks:

  • Help to plan and execute strategies for recruitment and retention goals set by the ISAE Board.
  • This committee begins work in August.
    • Typically meets once a month, in person or via conference call.
    • Members should expect to spend approximately two to three hours of their time per month. 
      • This time includes both meetings and contacting current and prospective members.
  • Follow-up calls/emails with new members and dropped members.
  • Attend at least one educational program and one 5:05 networking event.