Become an ISAE Ambassador!

Has ISAE had a significant impact on your career, so much so that you want to help new members get maximum value from ISAE? Do you want to grow your professional network? If so, you might consider becoming an ambassador.

The goal of ISAE's Ambassador Program is to make new members feel welcome and familiarize them with everything ISAE has to offer. The idea is to help members meet other members and get involved, and therefore, get the most out of their membership.

Role of Ambassadors:

  • Call or email new members assigned to you within two weeks of their join date to welcome them to ISAE.
  • Determine the objectives of the new member.
  • Offer suggestions of ISAE programs and resources that meet their needs.
  • Attend at least one event with the new member and introduce them to other members at the events.

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or learning more about the program, please contact Christine Robinett at [email protected].